Monday, January 9, 2012

Tea Towels for Twenty Twelve

I've been making calendars every holiday season for the past few years. It is project that I look forward to every year as I try to come up with different designs and ways for them to be displayed. This year I thought I would jump on the tea towel band wagon and design one of my own. This is a project that anyone could do so I thought I would share my process in case you'd like to jump on the band wagon as well.

I picked up a few yards of plain cotton fabric from Fabricville and cut out the tea towel shapes (rectangles aprox. 22"x 30"). I decided to get the screen printing portion done first, so off to Fresh Prints here in Halifax the, blank, fresh cut fabric pieces went. I highly recommend these guys. They did a great job! The screen printing process took a few days so while that was being done I started carving the stamps that I was going to use for the graphic portion. I created pine cones, various flower shapes, acorns and leaves and, when I got the towels back, stamped them using permanent fabric paint in the order of the four seasons. Once everything was dry and I was happy with the designs I sewed a hem around the edges, ironed them, and made a brown kraft paper wrap for a finished look.


Laura said...

So happy to be on the receiving end of one of these! It looks so professional. It will definitely be getting some wall-time in our house. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Very cute. They are so unique. - Heidi Croft

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sarah, I love it!
Love mum

Sarah Jones said...

Thanks for the wonderful comments! I hope the post sparked some crafty ideas :)