Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Not a Knitter... yet.

Knitting is something that I have attempted to learn before but just couldn't quite get the hang of it. I have a lot of friends that knit and my grandmother could whip up a sweaters like it was nobody's business. I marvel at their creations and how they make it look so easy. Well, I haven't given up. Knitting is on my list of things to do in 2012. My knitting goal is low, I would really just love to make a chunky scarf and perhaps a hat or two.

As you may have noticed I am changing things up around here. Over the next couple of weeks I hope to continue to change the look and create a better blogging structure. More on that later though.

Any tips from the knitters out there on yarns, needles [I've heard knitting in the round is the way to go], tutorial sites [I have joined Ravelry]?

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Laura said...

You should send me your Ravelry username. I searched for you, but to no avail. You can get lost in the patterns on there... I'm sure they've got chunky scarves (maybe even a chunky cowl...)