Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I am a Dayplanner Keeper

A new year means a new day planner. As much as I love the calendar functions in my phone and computer I am still very much a written calendar keeper. I love writing lists of things to do and actually being able to check things off. I also look for a planner that fits into my bag and that has blank pages for quick idea sketching. The Molskin planners meet all of my agenda needs but when I saw this little planner designed by a major design crush of mine, Jessica Hische, I couldn't resist. This little book is beautifully designed and is an inspirational piece in and of itself. Below are a few of my other favourite planners that I came across.

1.Write Every Day 2.ecojot 3.The Non Planner 4.Molskin 5.Letter C Design 6.Today is the Day
7. Buy Olympia Annual  

1 comment:

Sarah Hart said...

Today is the day is beautifully designed! I'm also a huge planner collector!