Friday, August 21, 2009

Hike, Eat, Beach

A hike to the wheel of fire, picturesque Montey's, a fairy lizard basking in the sunshine, 
mumsie at Montey's, Megs and Mum at Dingo Beach.

After a few days on foot in Airlie beach our Nav. team [Dad and Meg] were anxious to get back behind the wheel and discover uncharted territory. And thats exactly what we did. We discovered Dingo Beach, a small little beach town where one building houses the gas station, hotel, grocery store and pub. After driving down a dirt road to the point where we all agreed we should probably turn around we discovered one of Australia's most hidden gems, Montey's Beach Resort. A picturesque beach lined with cabins as well as a restaurant. We couldn't help but enjoy a cold draft on the patio. 

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