Friday, September 17, 2010

Those are some cool kids

Here's to "back to school" week! I hope all you teachers survived it. How great are these outfits [and styling] from Crewcuts?  Now those are some cool kids.


Mary Colleen "MC" said...

Miss Sarah I am so happy to see that you are sharing your amazing creations/ideas/inspiration with the world via this Blog!

I have added you to my "favourites" and now when I drink my coffee in the morning I have your blog to enjoy and be inspired by.

Can I just say that you were totally one of the "cool kids", always with THE BEST Frenchy findes, not going to lie I was jealous!

Keep up the great work!

Sarah Jones said...

Thanks so much MC, so great to hear from you! My goal is to be posting daily... I am slowly but surely getting there. Hope all is well!