Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sewing Project

Not to long ago I got my first sewing machine. This is an item that has been on my list of things to get for quite some time. No bells and whistles [although it does do automatic button holes!] and not at all intimidating to thread! This is a project I just finished. I really love bold print of the fabric and thought that it made for a great napkin set!


Catherine said...

Love them!! What type of machine is it? I'd love to get one someday.

Sarah Jones said...

Thanks Catherine! It is a Singer Prelude and I highly recommend it!

Kate Moore said...

I'm thinking of embarking on my very first sewing project since grade eight home ec, this fall. Napkins are a great idea! I was going to make a pillow case, but napkins might be a better idea.

P.S. Thanks for adding me to your blog roll. ;)

Sarah Jones said...

Kate, The Napkins were really fun to make and I tackled accent pillow covers this weekend.

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