Friday, June 24, 2011

Thump Thump

I ordered these posters a little while ago for Dave. I love them because they combine both of our worlds. They are done by a company called Ork Posters and look so great in person! Now we just need to decide which wall they will live on.


Colleen Ryan said...

love this :) Hope you guys are getting settled!

Sarah Jones said...

Getting there Colleen! Photos to come!

Anonymous said...

Hi, these are so great, I would love some for my Father's office (he's a surgeon)it's well over-due for a face lift! And my art is much too flouncy. I'm looking on the site, how did you order them? (Please excuse the 'anonymous' identity, I'm not very tech savvy)

Sarah Jones said...

Hi Pip, You should be able to select the colour you'd like and then click "add to cart" [this should be in a column on the right hand side].
I hope you are able to order them. They would be a great addition to your Fathers office!