Friday, October 15, 2010

Lamp Makeover on

Have an old lamp base stuffed in the back of a closet or can't seem to find that perfect table lamp within a reasonable price range? Check out my lamp makeover project at 


Terri said...

Well look at you! Are you working for HGTV now!? Very cool lamp makeover... once I have some nice furniture all set up(and a colour decided on ;-) I think that I will do that with a lamp. Looks pretty straight forward and you get exactly what you want! Sweet!

Thanks, Sarah.
Hope that you are well on the Rock!

Sarah Jones said...

I am just a guest d.i.y-er for hgtv, but I love doing the projects. You should definitely do some lamps when you get all set up! It's incredibly easy and so great to chose your own colours and patterns.

Things are great on the Rock!
Thanks for reading Terri!